Bloomsbury Clinic


The Bloomsbury Clinic at the Mortimer Market Centre in central London is one of the largest HIV clinics in the UK and provides HIV clinical care, treatment and support to patients diagnosed with HIV. It has nearly 5,000 HIV positive patients and offers a comprehensive, completely confidential service.

Bloomsbury Clinic


The Bloomsbury Clinic is also one of the major HIV research centres in the UK with over 40 ongoing research projects – including the Partner Study and RIVER TRIAL which is exploring the possibility of a cure for HIV.


The Bloomsbury Clinic has over 30 doctors, 16 nurses, 3 health advisers, a psychology department and three patient representatives. The patient representatives – who are living with HIV themselves – offer peer support, practical advice and advocacy five days a week.


Close ties with specialists at University College London Hospital, University College London Medical School, The Hospital of Neurology and Neuroscience, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and The Royal Free Hospital


Appointments 020 3317 5100
Patient representatives 020 3317 5177
Health Advisors 07702 339298
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Nurses 020 3317 5100
Pharmacy 020 3317 5255
General enquiries 020 3317 5100



"The Bloomsbury is such an important place... it is not just about getting my medical needs looked after - I come here for support, inspiration, new information about issues relating to HIV and, most of all, to feel that I am part of a community" Anthony, Retail

“I must acknowledge your strength and dedication. Thank you so much for the encouragement and support. I pray the Lord will continue to keep and strengthen you. You’ve touched my life in a positive way” Olori, 27, nurse and mother

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust - CNWL

Bloomsbury Clinic at The Mortimer Market Centre is run by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Address: Bloomsbury Clinic, Capper Street, off Tottenham Court Road London, WC1E 6JB

General enquiries: 020 3317 5100

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